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Mobility Digest Review: Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger

More Power! These days it seems like our devices just need more and more power, most smartphones and tablets don’t last a day with normal use. What would be considered normal use though is a bit hazy as your idea and my idea of normal use can be different. Making calls, browsing the web, playing games and updating your social status is about what most people do on their phones. Most smartphones I’ve owned won’t the last day with average use and that’s sad really, haven’t we progressed yet to the point where we can make a battery that lasts longer than a day? These phones costs hundreds of dollars and yet the battery can’t last a day?! (makes no sense to me at all personally) If batteries did last longer than a day though, the product I have for review today would be worthless and wouldn’t even exist most likely. The product is the Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger which is essentially an external battery but it can charge both tablets and phones. The Pama comes with nine different tips and if none of those work for you then you can just use the cable that came with your device as the Pama has a standard USB port on it. So read on to learn more…



Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Mobile Fun

Price: $46.99

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger

Charge your device wherever you are with the new universal Plug N Go from Pama.

Huge 4,000mAh capacity powerpack
Give almost any device a full charge with the Pama Plug N Go Power portable charger. With a 4,000mAh capacity, it’s powerful enough to charge anything from an HTC Desire all the way up to a Samsung Galaxy Tab. With most modern smartphones having a battery capacity of around 1,500mA, this means you can get more than two full charges from the portable charger before it needs recharging. It also features a 4 LED power indicator, so you always know how much battery you have left.

Maximum output of 1000mA
An outstanding feature of the portable charger is  the fact that it has a maximum output of 1000mA, which means you can use it to charge tablet-style devices like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, and even power your HTC phone with the satellite navigation turned on.

Small, portable size
Measuring just 115 x 60 x 16mm, the Plug N Go Power is a truly portable emergency power source. Simply charge it up when not in use, put it in your pocket with the included cable and required tip, and you’ll never be caught with a flat battery again.

Comes with 9 different tips for universal compatibility
Included with the Plug N Go are 9 different tips which make the device compatible with practically all phones, media players, cameras, and more. The portable charger itself can be recharged via the included mains charger or USB.


The Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger was provided by Mobile Fun for review where you can find plenty of accessories like a Galaxy S4 charger or a charger for anything pretty much.

What’s in the Box?

As usual we’ll start off with the box. The front of the box has a window to show you the charger itself and the back has specs and features listed.


Inside of the box is a plastic tray that holds everything in place for you.


Yes the charger does come with a European style plug but that’s not a big deal as the Pama can actually get charged via regular USB.  Included also is the Pama charger itself, user guide, bag of tips and the USB cable that’s used for charging the charger and with the tips.


The Pama charger is small and black basically with chrome accents, it comes with a plastic covering on it for protection. he entire thing is plastic and honestly it kind of feels not exactly sturdy, but I don’t think you’ll be throwing it around like a ball either.


The back has the ID label along with labels for the ports and buttons.


The front has the USB port, this is where you charge from. The round port is the charging port to charge the Pama battery.


On the left side is a button that’s used to check the battery charge level of the Pama Plug N Go.


On the right side is a sliding switch, this is the power on and off.


The Pama logo on the front lights up when powered on and there are four little bars off to the left side which are 25% increments for the battery capacity or charge level.


Here are the nine included tips, the common ones are there like mini and microUSB along with Nokia, Samsung and a few others.



The USB cable has a regular USB connection on the end and then on the other end is where you put the tips.




Impressions / Review:


The first thing you need to do is charge the Pama Plug N Go, just plug it into a USB port and a ring around the jack will turn red to indicate charging and then green to let you know it’s done.


When you push the button on the side the bars will light up and since I just charged it all of the bars light up.


I usually charge my HTC Titan Windows Phone once per day and I checked the battery and it was a but less than 1/2 full so I figured it was a good time to recharge it.


So I grabbed the microUSB tip, plugged it in and started charging my phone.


It took about an hour and forty five minutes to charge the phone to full, which is about what it takes normally over a USB connection.


I checked the battery on the Pama afterwards and saw I used half to charge the phone, I guess that’s not bad.


So that’s about it really, you charge it and it charges your stuff, plain and simple.




The Pama Plug N Go Power Portable Charger works as expected, it charges your devices on the go. The Pama is small and portable, it’s also lightweight as it is made out of plastic. That’s where some of my concern comes in, it doesn’t exactly feel well made, but then again how tough does something like this have to be?! I would have much preferred if a case came with it at least to help carry all of the tips that come included.

The amount of tips that come with the Pama is nice as many other chargers like these don’t come with so many, and you usually have to buy them separately adding to the overall cost of the device.

From my use it charges just like a regular USB connection in terms of speed. The one thing nice about this product is that it has a standard USB port so as long as you have the USB charging cable for your device you can charge it with the Pama and not worry about using any tips at all.

So it works, and for the price it’s not bad I guess especially if you consider all the tips the come with it.



+Many tips included
+Large capacity battery
+Can charge phones or tablets


-Doesn’t exactly feel well made