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Mobility Digest Review: Skross USB World Adapter Evo

Yep, another review for you. I guess this one could be a follow up to the Plantronics M25. if you read that review then you’d know they sent me one with plugs for Europe which doesn’t quite work for me as I’m in the United States. The product I have today for review is the Skross USB World Adapter Evo which is a worldwide adapter which let’s you basically use any style power plug anywhere in the world. This adapter also has an attachment with two USB ports on it.


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: My Trendy Phone

Price: $41.64

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



Skross USB World Adapter Evo – White.

– The compact World Adapter Evo USB has 2-pole adapter combining the possibility to connect international unearthed 2- pol devices in more than 150 countries with

dual USB charging functionality.

– Suitable for equipment with 2-pol unearthed plugs (2-pole)
– Receptacles for: Euro,Australia/China, UK,USA/Japan
– Receptacles plugs: Euro,Australia/China, UK,USA/Japan UK
– USB top for charging USB-devices
– Integrated fuse

– Adapter incl.USB top: 145g
– retail packaging: 168g

-Measurement Adapter incl.USB Top:L64mm, W55mm,H69mm


The Review

The packaging, mostly cardboard with a large plastic ‘bubble’ on the top. Through the bubble you can see the adapter and the back has a bit of information for you.


There’s not much in the box, just the main adapter, the USB attachment and a brief user manual.


The USB adapter is just an attachment with a standard US power plug on it and two USB ports on the end.



The main part of the Skross adapter is the power section. The power part has four sliders on the side.


The top has the female connections for various power plug types.


On the opposite is a big black button which is a lock that unlocks the plugs.


Here’s the bottom with the plugs retracted.


Then here’s all of the plugs out and ready to go.



Here’s the adapter with the USB attachment on it:



To test out the adapter I used the Plantronics M25 since it came with a European plug.



So then I charged the M25 and it worked!


Next of course was the USB adapter, which is rather self-explanatory but here’s some pictures for you before and charging:



So that’s it, there’s not much to it really but if you travel you really need to have something like this…

As far as quality, it seems sturdy, I’d feel safe just tossing this in my bag with other things.



So this was  a quick review wasn’t it? Then again there’s not much to this product really, it does a function and it seems to do it well.

It’s a nice bonus that it does come with the included dual USB ports since most mobile devices can charge over USB.

There is one small issue though, it doesn’t convert voltage so you may have to be careful there.



+Simple to use
+Small and portable
+Dual USB ports included


-No voltage converting