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Sync Google Contacts and Calendar… FINALLY!

I may be alone in this one, but I have been having problems finding an easy way to sync my  calendar with my Google Calendar.  I have found a way and its even from Google itself!

Now for starters, Google is taking over the world… Really… Especially with the G1, which uses all your Google information to help you get through the day.  What happens if you loose your G1? and have your password saved somewhere and someone can get it.  There goes your life.

Onto the real story.  When browsing over at XDA, i noticed a post by l3it3r talking about syncing your Google Calendar and Contacts.  I thought, hmm that sounds nice and gave it a try.  The official instructions are found here and are pretty simple to follow, but I had problems.  Maybe because I’m not too smart or because I had another activesync setup.  And that actually makes me shudder because I have struggled disabling activesync for a while and now i have to use it.

An interesting Issue though is if you have full-day events that you don’t associate any time to, it doesn’t sync.  Which is weird, but it is BETA like everything else Google so lets hope they get it working soon.

Read on for MY instructions on how to setup the syncing.


Configuring Activesync to sync your Google Calendar on your WM6+ device.

  1. Load up Activesync
  2. Select Add Server Source…
  3. Delete the @ symbol that gets put there and uncheck the Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically box and click Next
  4. Enter into the Server address box and make sure the SSL checkbox is checked and click Next.
  5. Enter in your FULL gmail username with  I.E. and click Next
  6. Choose Contacts or Calendar and you can then click Finish or Menu to change some settings.


Advanced Options                           Syncing my Google Calendar       My Calendar w/a few events.


Good luck! and follow others progress here in our forums.