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Mobility Digest Review: Trident Kraken Series Case for iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 reigns supreme currently in the tablet market and your choices to protect your investment can become quite a task to narrow down. From the Apple Smart Cover, Gelskins , leather portfolios, and many more. so many choices. For me, I tend to look past flashy and stylish, I look for quality and maximum protection.  When you look for maximum protection for your device, OtterBox is the first name that comes to mind. Like OtterBox, the Trident Kraken cases also employs an impact resistant polycarbonate skeleton and  a shock absorbing silicone sleeve. So how will the Trident Kraken Case fair in the maximum protection category for iPad 2 cases? Keep reading because I got your answers in our Mobility Digest Review of the Trident Kraken Series Case for the iPad 2.

I always kick off my reviews with what you get in the box and even though cases seldom have more than one component, the Kraken Case actually has three. So inside a nicely clamshell packaged you get a three components that make up your Trident Kraken Series Case for the iPad 2 and a really small trifold set of instructions.


As you can see in the picture above, the design is that of a three piece hard shell case. But unlike other cases in this category that employ a two piece polycarbonate inner skeleton and a silicone outer sleeve, Trident does things a little differently by reversing that order and using a very thick silicone sleeve but using it on the inside of the two part polycarbonate shell.


Trident’s Kraken inner sleeve is massively thick compared to the silicone outer sleeves employed by other cases manufacturers. Simply install your iPad 2 into the Kraken and make sure that the thick silicone sleeve wraps around the iPad 2. The fit was perfect and all the cut outs matched up perfectly. I think this is a very clever design and the silicone sleeve definitely seems like it would take a lot of the shock out of an impact and not pass it through to your device.


The front part of the outer polycarbonate shell supplies yet again another pleasant surprise. Most other hard shell case manufacturers do not include a built in screen protector with their cases. Instead, the supply a screen cover that you have to install separately. Honestly, that process is not too difficult, but it is an extra process not needed when you buy a Trident Kraken Series Case for the iPad 2. The built in screen protector is touch and when installed, has a great feel to it as well functionality. Trident calls the built in screen protector a bubble free and indeed there was no air between the screen protector and the iPad 2. The screen protector fits flat.


The rear outer shell of the Trident Kraken gets a little weird for me. Still very well engineered and fit perfectly to the front cover and over the silicone sleeve. However, it’s the two rather large clips on the top of the Kraken case that seem a little excessive and spoil the aesthetics of the case. In fact, the case is so well made and mates the two outer shell components together that really the clips aren’t necessary. I tested it out without clipping them and the case held together perfectly. Where I always feel more is better, in the case I think Trident could lose the clips.




Now I need to go on record and say that I am not a huge fan of the blue demo unit Trident supplied me with but what I am a fan of is the quality of construction and components that Trident selected for the Kraken Series Case for the iPad 2. The Kraken fit perfectly and every cutout matched up perfectly as well as all the flaps fit flush in their openings. There are a few things I would have done differently and one is those unsightly large top clips. Even though the Kraken incorporated a nice built in screen protector, one thing missing is a stand and front cover. Being able to watch media content on a desktop will require an aftermarket stand. Also, traveling with the Kraken case will be a concern because the screen is exposed to impacts where most hard shell cases come with a cover for the screen. The Trident Kraken Series Case for the iPad 2 comes in multiple colors to choose from and pricing  ranges from $35 to $45 dollars on several online retailers like Amazon.


  • Built in screen protector
  • Thick silicone inner sleeve
  • Very well constructed
  • Priced well



  • Very large clips on the top of the case are bulky and not needed
  • No stand included with case
  • No front front case protection other than the screen protector