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Mobility Digest Review: Universal 3-Finger Touch Screen Winter Gloves

So it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m writing a review, no I’m not out partying to celebrate. When I was younger sure new Year’s Eve was a time to party, oh some stories I could tell you trust me, but now with kids etc, there’s no more partying for me. This year isn’t exactly shaping out to be a good one so far, this past Friday my wife lost her job, so if that’s any indication as to how 2013 is going to go for me, I’d rather not be partying anyway. So enough of that and back to the review, this is another product from Deal Extreme actually and that means it’s inexpensive. The product is officially called the  Universal 3-Finger Touch Screen Winter Gloves for iPhone / iPad + More, but you can use them with any capacitive touch screen devices. It’s winter time and gloves are a must have but using them with your touch screen can be difficult so many companies have recently come out with compatible gloves and these are a varying degrees of quality I’ve found. As of now I have four pairs of these, I can never have too many gloves as I always leave the house without them or find myself forgetting them somewhere or other. These gloves only cost $3.60 and I have to admit they are decent, and they work very well at keeping your hands warm and letting you use your devices while wearing them. Read on for a quick reviews and then continue with your celebrating…


Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Deal Extreme

Price: $3.60

Overall Rating:4.5/5



Universal 3-Finger Touch Screen Winter Gloves for iPhone / iPad + More – White (M-Size / Pair)

– Color: White
– Material: Acrylic fiber + silver filigree
– Gender: Unisex
– Suitable for: Adults
– Style: Casual
– Size: M
– Belt Length: 14cm
– Glove Length: 18.8cm
– Provides more precision with 3 touching fingers
– Warm your hands while playing on your tablet PC or cell phone in winter
– Compatible with iPad, iPhone, or other capacitive touch screen devices
– Elastic design fits most hands

Dimensions: 7.28 in x 4.41 in x 0.43 in (18.5 cm x 11.2 cm x 1.1 cm)
Weight: 0.99 oz (28 g)



The Review:

There’s no special packaging for these, just a plastic bag. They are knit gloves so it’s not like they need bubble wrap of something to protect them though, so the bag is fine I think.


The gloves I got are white with three gray tips on each hand. I wanted a different color but it was out of stock at the time, but Deal Extreme does offer many colors to choose from. They are a knit glove like most gloves of this type are. Knit isn’t my favorite but these are a tight knit.


Here’s a close up of the tips for you, they have a silver woven into the material to make them conductive.


Overall the gloves seem well made, honestly I was very surprised by just how high quality they are. Of course who knows how they’ll last in the long run, but for $3.60 a pair you could buy a few pairs and have them last all winter and then some. I have a pair of these from NewerTechnology called he NuTouch which have a price of $19.99 regularly (right now they’re on sale for $9.99) so for that price I could get five pairs of these from DX and have some change left over. I also have to mention these gloves from DX actually seem to be of better quality than the NuTouch gloves are. The NuTouch gloves are more of a loose fit while these ones from DX fit very tightly, even though they’re supposedly the same size. The NuTouch gloves also have a wider knit weave to them and they feel thinner as well.

I do have one complaint about these gloves from DX though, they’re a bit short at the wrists. I personally like my gloves to go a bit farther and over my wrist, these don’t quite get there, just barely really right on the wrist. They are very tight, which I think is a good thing as I don’t like loose fitting gloves especially ones like these that are meant to be used for things like tapping small icons on your screen.



I have to admit they work and they work just fine. With the gloves on my hands were warm and I could use my phone with no issues. It was just like using my bare fingers on my phone’s screen while the gloves were on.





So for the price I can highly recommend these gloves to you.

There’s still a lot more of winter left and if you use your phone or other gadgets outside you need gloves like these.

At one time these types of gloves were more of a specialty item, but now they’re more common which means the price is coming down, which is a good thing.

These gloves from Deal Extreme are just as good and just as functional as gloves that sell for five times as much. Why pay so much more when you don’t have to?!




+Low price
+Great quality
+Work perfectly with touch screen devices


-A little too short at the wrists