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Mobility Digest Review: Zeroshock III Compact Camera Case

Hello everyone, I’m back with a quick review for you of another camera case from our friends at Love Cases. This case is special in that it’s extra padded with a material that can supposedly withstand shocks of up to 100g! I’m thinking my camera will be very safe from drops when it’s inside of this case. So read on to learn a bit more about a very protective case…

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Love Cases

Price: £11.99 / $19.44

Overall Rating: 4/5


Zeroshock III Compact Camera Case

Made from polyurethane
The Zeroshock III material is a Viscoelastic polyurethane, this offers unequalled shock absorbance. Viscoelastic polyurethane guarantees to absorb shocks of up to 100G meaning your camera is as safe as it could possible be.

Reinforced edge
The edge of the case is reinforced to provide even more protection for your camera.

Inner pocket
Inside the case there is a small inner pocket for storing a memory card safely and securely

Neck strap & Carabineer clip
You can use the carabineer clip to attach it to your belt or bag for safe carrying

External Dimensions (cm): 10.5 x 6.0 x 2.5cm
Case Material: low-resilience polyurethane
Case Style: Pouch


What’s in the Box?

So there is no box, just a cardboard backer with clear plastic front.


The case is black in color with gray accents and it’s made of polyurethane, a vinyl like material essentially.


The back is plain except for an attachment for the carabineer


The case is secured closed by dual zippers that open the case almost all the way around.


The case opens flat to reveal a quilted look padding inside. This padding is the ZeroShock material which is a viscoelastic polyurethane that can accept an extreme amount of pressure from drops, about 100gs. I think your camera should be very safe inside of this case surely.


On one side of the case you’ll find a small flap which is actually a pocket that’s big enough for a memory card.




Impressions / Review:

The ZeroShock III case is made for small cameras, small and thin I should say like my Fuji Z900EXR.


Putting my camera inside I found it just fits really, even though the case looks bigger in the above picture. There is padding around the edges of the inside of the case that protects your camera from scratches from the zipper, which is a good thing of course.


When I closed the case I found it was a really tight fit.


Sadly I don’t really have a way to test the 100g shock claim, but it does seem like it can withstand shock very well.



The ZeroShock III case looks much bigger than it is because of all of the padding inside of it. This is a good thing and a bad thing as padding is very good of course, but you won’t be able to fit much of anything in the case except for a very slim camera.

I’m not sure about the 100g shock absorbency claim, but I’m fairly confident that your camera will be very safe inside of the ZeroShock III case.

Sadly the case does not offer much room inside for any accessories, you can only carry a single SD card and that’s it.

Still the case isn’t bad I think, especially if you want a lot of protection.



+Durable and well made
+Very shock absorbent
+Room for extra memory card


-Small case overall
-Not much room inside
-Tight fitting