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ZoomSafer – Software to Drive Safely

zoomsafer ZoomSafer appears to be a pretty slick piece of software. When you get into your car it automatically suppresses most standard notifications to your phone so you won’t be distracted while driving. However, priority contacts can still reach you and there are voice enabled options to let you take the call, listen to texts and even send emails to contacts (those emails are really audio files that it sends). This is all done hands free. Meanwhile, it updates your social networks (like Twitter) and can even provide a Google Map link to show people exactly where you are. The point of all of this is to keep drivers focused on driving and not on their phone and I don’t think I need to cite any examples for all of you to know the dangers of driving and texting.

This software isn’t even available for beta testing though. Why even talk about it? Because you can sign up to be added to the beta testing list (which begins in August for BlackBerry’s and will continue to other phones with the expectations that all makes will be covered by year’s end). It’s a great concept and if you’re up for some beta testing and some videos of it in action check out their website.

via CoolSmartPhone