srsly-ram-sucks-bigtimeDoug Simmons: I think Google Glass is one product I would have preferred Google to make a little harder to root, given the potential validity of some of the premature criticisms voiced here and the need for Google to keep things controlled (like pre-approving all apps) in order to try to curb misuse. Even Schmidt has his reservations. Now we need to rely on XDA admins to be responsible.. anyway, hello spycam and modified (like automobile-unlocked) texting and youtube apps.

David K: The guy used known vulnerabilities. You’d think Google would close the known vulnerabilities to at least attempt to harden the OS. iOS shows how good these guys are at .. 

finding new loopholes but at least Apple tries. To be fair these are not retail units though so if they beef up security now they’re just giving time to breach it. Why doesn’t Google give a bounty for reporting Android vulnerabilities like it does in Chrome.

Doug Simmons: Not sure. Maybe Google’s interest in Android, unlike Chrome, is no longer so strong, rather it was just a means to get their apps and services popular. If Google’s stuff disappeared from Android and showed up on Windows Phone, you might just find me in the closest Microsoft store. Seriously. You’d find a lot of people there as well, I imagine. Then you might find me bashing Google over activesync and IP theft.


  1. They are perfectly capable of making locked boot loaders. At least I hope they are. HTC has done it and I think Motorola was able to do it for a short time. The only other one I know is windows phones which periodically poll Redmond’s servers to see if the phone is supposed to be locked and if not, it relocks itself. It’d be a hell of a time to shut that down or spoof the server but so far no one has done it. Could be difficult, could be no one gives enough shits. Pick one. Either way, rooted or unrooted, I would never wear these things to begin with. I’d be a really hard sell on a watch too.

  2. Yeah I remember that with some HTC and Motorola phones, people making petitions and failing to hack open the bootloader for at least months. I just thought given how wide-open to criticism this thing is that they’d throw the nerd book at it to keep it sealed tight.

    One thing of intrigue about this product, which I think a lot of us are pretty sure won’t take off much at all, is how much (mostly negative) revved-up debate and discussion it has been attracting. It doesn’t seem like it should be that big a deal (in contrast to the robot cars, which are a huge deal in my book), yet it is a big deal. They really struck a nerve here. Look at us, in addition to several posts we now have a category just for this thing.

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