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[MobilityLeaks] Heads up – Skype in

Stephen Mesik: Outlook blog: Skype comes to

Robert H: I will never use Skype again. Malware is running like wildfire on Skype. PCMag: New Malware Propagates on Skype, Mines Bitcoins

Ramon Trotman: How? What’s the process to get infected?

Robert H: Most Skype malware is by clicking links like in Facebook but there is one virus (worm) is by drive by…..meaning you are talking to a friend and the friend has the virus on their machine…..then the worm will jump to your pc. Let me get the name of the worm and will send a new reply. Securelist: An avalanche in Skype

Doug Simmons: I hear that the Chinese version of Skype has awesome extra features including neat tricks whereby if you say one of a few thousand key words relating to topics of dubious intrigue, like tankman, BBC News, human rights,  HTC, Tibet and so forth, you’ll automatically get red flagged and enter a contest to meet awesome agents of the government for an exciting mysterious adventure, brought to you by Redmond (though they blush and try not to take the credit for the work of their pals in the Hong Kong office, noting they must comply with laws and yada yada). Microsoft / Skype has gone four years (since it was published in the WSJ and many other publications) without having patched a vulnerability that lets anyone easily figure out and track the IPs and locations of any Skype user whether their signed on or not. What’s up with that?

Matt Anderson: Unpublished feature. 😉

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