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MobilityLeaks: The Skype’s the limit

Today, we bring you Adventures with Skype!

MartiM: I have given in: I have Skype.  Now what?

2 Bunny: Not much. I hardly use it at all anymore.

James S: I use it for talking to far away family and other geeks around the world.  I haven’t really used it on my phone yet.

Doug S 1: I used it a ton for Mafia Wars when I was playing…. Crack is not as addictive than that damn game was…

James S: LMAO I remember those days Doug, I had a problem too.

MartiM: Well, the family grabbed it to talk to my mom. She’s just settled in … for the next 2 years to work on her 2nd Masters degree. I expect I’ll only be using it to talk to her, but with all the ho-ha over MS purchasing it, maybe I was kind of curious about if people really use it, and if so, how?
So far the consensus seems to be less than enthusiastic. Haha!
It will be interesting to see if I use it for more than just talking to her, and what happens after she’s come back home in 2 years. I did talk with her this morning, and tested the phone app. She couldn’t call me if I wasn’t in the app. That seemed pretty useless to me – so basically using the app, I can initiate a call, but can’t receive one unless the app is open.
Hmm, I suppose this is becoming a contender for a Leaks topic.

Rama: I use it to teach mobile programming to few of my students apart from chatting with my partners and family.

Murani: I do have plans to use it when location scouting for photo and video shoots. It’ll allow me to see what others see in real time.

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