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Mobl7 Releases Bug Defense Game for Android

This game release doesn’t make much sense to me. it’s 99 cents, but it only includes two areas, then it says there are more to come. So you’re paying for only two areas and have to wait for the rest? Bug Defense is a tower defense style game for Android, and it’s available now in the marketplace.

Mobl7 announced today that their first game, Bug Defense, is now available in the Android Market. Bug Defense brings an entertaining tower defense game to your phone. Towers based on plants are pitted against bugs with unique defenses trying to get to your precious cake.

Choose the right tower types to counter the 3d rendered creeps. For some creeps you’ll need rocks to break through their hardened armor shells. Others will be so fast you’ll need to slow them down with ice to get a few shots in. Or, they may be so tightly packed you’ll need the massive area effect damage of the sunflower to take them out!

Two areas initially and more to come soon! Download the game today in the Android Market at or watch the demo at

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