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MOGA Pro Controller For The Serious Android Gamer

There is not many people left on the planet that don’t know about the power of smartphones these days and gamers are taking notice with devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 and soon to be released 4th edition. These devices pack tons of processor power and large 5 inch HD screens. Why not take advantage of some gaming right? Well for me at least, I am not very good with the on screen controls on smartphones. So I tend to look more towards tablets for gaming because of the screen size real estate advantage they have. Android owners now have a pretty nice alternative to on screen game control thanks to the MOGA Pro Controller.

This full size controller for Android devices will make use of your smartphone and give you superb controllability over your gaming experience. Pictured with a Samsung Galaxy S 3 the MOGA Pro Controller looks like it would be a blast to use with the SGS3! The MOGA Pro Controller costs $50 bucks and you can get them from  Wally World, Target, Best Buy, and Game Stop. The MOGA Pro comes with a free download of Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance game for a limited time only so take advantage of that deal while it lasts.

Thanks Kristofer!