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The Jawbox is a Case for Your Jawbone

So, how about a carrying case for your Jawbone called the Jawbox. Do we need one? Seriously do you need a hard case to carry your BT headset in? I guess it could be useful, at least it would be better than just tossing it in your bag. Check it out and you tell me…


Jabberbox Designs manufactures cases for the Jawbone bluetooth headsets including the Prime, Icon and Era. Jabberbox Design’s Jawbox is the first of its kind on the market. The Jawbox is an injection molded case that is form fitted to fit each of the Jawbone headsets precisely. The Jawbox is unique in design and functionality. From a design aspect, its a techy cool carrying case which matches up to what it holds inside. From a functionality standpoint, the lid mechanism consists of a ball bearing, spring, standoff and stainless steel thru bolt that provides the opening and closing of the lid to snap into place.

End users of bluetooth headsets won’t find a nicer case out there. Jabberbox Designs insisted on not designing around a price point. This is really the ultimate in protection and loss prevention of your expensive bluetooth headset. The lid and shell are made of ABS lustran material while the insert (where your bluetooth headset rests) is a santoprene rubber which gives it a nice cushion feeling to place your headset in.

Co-founder, Chad Hankee states, “it’s pretty easy to lose a Jawbone, we’ve heard a few times that end users have lost them including myself, The Jawbox is great for this, especially if you travel a lot.”

Design and manufacturing is all done in the USA, Jabberbox wanted to keep a close eye on the manufacturing and are really particular on the quality of the Jawbox. Even the lid components are all from the US.

Jabberbox Designs has issued their first short production run for the Jawbox. Jabberbox will be developing cases soon for other high end headsets including the Bose bluetooth headset (The BoBox) and the Motorola bluetooth headset (The MotorBox).

At a price of $30, why wouldn’t you want to add the ultimate protection to your Jawbone?