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MobileMatt Spotlight “BingTones”

Brief Description

Three Bing-branded ringtones for your mobile device. More info on Bing Mobile can be found here: or

System Requirements
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 5.0; Windows Mobile 6; Windows Mobile 6.1 A mobile device that can play MP3 files


    Also see PDF instructions included in the .zip file. BingTone Installation Instructions The BingTones are in MP3 format, so they should be usable on most phones. Instructions for installing the BingTones on your Windows Mobile phone are below.

    For other phones, please consult your user manual. For some phone models, including the iPhone, there are free or nearly free software programs available on the Internet that enable you to install custom ringtones. Click here to search on . Instructions for Windows Mobile 6.x phones: How to move the BingTone to your phone

    1. Once the BingTone is on your PC, connect your phone to your computer. Once connected, Windows Mobile Device Center will open automatically on your computer.

    2. Click File Management > Browse the Contents of Your Phone

    3. Choose the hard drive on your phone

    4. Find the BingTone you downloaded to your computer and drag it into the My Ringtones folder on your phone. The BingTone is now on your phone.

    Assigning your new ring tone

    1. On your phone, press Start

    2. Click Settings

    3. Click Sounds

    4. On the Ringtone dropdown menu, choose the BingTone you’d like to use. To hear a BingTone, simply wait a few seconds after making each selection.

    5. When you’ve found the BingTone you want, press Done. Congratulations! You’ve just installed a new ringtone on your phone!

    Download your BingTones here: