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More Details on the “Perfect Fuze”

In my post from a few weeks ago, I indicated that I had finally attained what I considered to be a perfect set-up for my Fuze. A commenter asked what precisely that set-up was, so I thought such a query deserved another posting.

I’ll start with the basics and then go deeper into the phone.

ROM: NRG 235557 (there is now a 23563). This rom is the cutting edge of WM6.5. It is beautiful, stable, and fast. Battery life is mixed.

Home screen: Co0kie’s Home Tab (CHT) v1.7 (now up to v.1.7.1. This mod was the key as it allowed tremendous modification of the home screen and, most importantly for me, gave me the real estate to have have the first row of Quick Links visible on the home screen. His mod also allowed me to jettison my iPhone Today mod (with Manila Today Page). I absolutely hate the WM Start Menu set-up, so iPT allowed me to have easy access to my most used apps in a simple, page-sliding app-launching format. But with CHT Quick Links mod, I now have the same ease without the extra weight of another app.

Slider icons: I like Badger’s slider icons. More interesting and colorful.

Taskbar icons: The default taskbar icons are pretty bland. I use this one from Reefermattness. Nice colors and easily readable.

Start-up animation: Simple and elegant start-up animation.

Arranging Start Menu: If you like to arrange your Start Menu (I do for all the little apps and tweaks that I use infrequently), this is a must.

Weather: Unless you live in a big city, you need this app to include your city or town in the Weather tab.

Below the break, I have listed all of the apps and tweaks I installed. To find them, just do a search on xda-developers-Raphael/Fuze forum.

Installed apps: AKToggleWifiCab, AMeBa_v0.8rc, AnswerkeysDisabler.v0.5.1, apptodate, CABviaActiveSync-1.5-Setup, cleanRAM, ClearTemp, FF ATT ULTIMATE aGPS Settings, FlashLite_DP_WM6Professional_EN, GfxBoost-1.2-Service, GoogleMaps, GpsCycleComputer_3.114, GpsViewer, JSPAProgramManager, JVH3_WeatherCityEditor_v3.4, MJG WM6.5 Titanium V1, mobiletag_3_directShowAndHtcSDK_3.0.02_buil3, MoDaCo_NoData, MSVC.v1.6.23081, MyBingTranslator, MyMobiler125_01222010, NightStand_v1.2.2, NoSleep!!, NRG 3 Row Start, NRGZ28 Font Restore, nullkb.ARM4, RadarLove02, SdkCerts, SkypeMobile, StopWatch_VGA_22_SETUP, Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak_v1.1.1, TouchResponse_v0_3_2, uCONVERT_2.2.0_VGA-WVGA, VGAStartingWindows7_StartupSound, Vibra (Switch) 1.32