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More proof RC Controlled Helicopters by an iPhone suck

rc-remote-controlled-iphone-heliWhat a shame that the makers of the RC Helicopters don’t just give up and let the inexpensive controllers that originally came with these Helicopters be the only choice for flying them. Largely the 3.5 and 4 channel Helicopters are an absolutely blast to fly. Incredibly stable so that anyone can fly them.  I have bought 5 of them over the years and my most recent is a 3 channel Syma S107 that costs less that $30 dollars and is a blast to fly and aggravate the family with.

But these types of Helis do not respond well to the the iPhone controllers. To use with an iPhone, you need to use an IR attachment and then have a choice of gyro or manual fight control on the iPhone. Both of which suck. The latest testimony other than my experience with them as well as well as our own Kristofer Brozio is  the blog phone arena.

As you can see from the video he is not that skilled at flying RC Helicopters but the lag in the flying is awful thus causing him a lot of problems flying the Heli. I wish he would have been more vocal about the issues flying but the proof is in the pudding. On the front end, he seemed pretty knowledgeable about the product which further indicates that there is a huge problem with the iPhone controlled Helis. Beware people, and take care not to get sucked into one of these thinking that the controls are any better than the cheap controllers they normally come with, cause they are not.

Like I said, I have a blast with all of my low cost Heli’s and there are even some 4 channel 2.4GHz models that will allow you even more maneuverability. They start right at $75 bucks which is the same cost the iPhone controlled Heli’s typically cost. Check out the video and leave a comment if you are a RC pilot with or without and iPhone or Android smartphone controlling it.