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Hey Joanne Chien of Digitimes: Step Your Game Up

Well, BGR’s covering an imminent “Androidbook” launch by Google, using a Digitimes article by a Joanne Chien, hailing out of Taipei, as the source, who uses nothing other than a hunch as her source, noting the reassignments of Rubin and Sundar Pichai (who denied such a merger between Chromebooks and Android).

I’ve written my share of half-assed articles but nothing I’ve written that wasn’t obviously an opinion piece or some story about mercy killing a deer was pure bullshit deliberately packaged as a legit, reliable thing for other blogs and news outfits to write their own news about, false legitimacy snowballing everywhere. At least when we covered this big scoop early last month, as it was conjecture, we used a question mark to indicate journalistic flaccidity.

Joanne Chien, I’m sure you’re a lovely lady, but if you’re going to do this, at least put a little bit of effort into it like my man Ben Bajarin of Time who pulled the same shit you did, but with more finesse. And BGR, don’t feed these people, this is not helpful. I’d prefer it if you just made shit up including nonexistent sources than encourage the likes of Digitimes.

That’s it I’m done.

Doug Simmons