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T-Mobile HTC HD2 Released On March 24th

BGR getting the goods on the much awaited release of the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile and confirms that it will be released on March 24th. Listed on the leaked release sheet as the “Dark Handset”, we should see the HD2 as well as the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook with T-Mobile Broadband Access go live on the same day.

And if you plan to be the first in line on March 24th to get your very own HTC HD2, plan on being very pleasantly surprised at the price! The HD2 with all it’s 1gHz Snapdragon goodness will only set you back $199 with a two year contract minus rebates of course. Contract free purchasers will only be set back $449.99.

No too shabby for a device with so much under the hood.


Pricing thanks to TmoNews via WMPU/WME