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Moshi Announces Voice Control Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

I’ve used these types of speakerphones in the past that I got for review, and I just don’t like them honestly.. I’m sure they’re useful to some people but I like to drive with the windows down if possible and I don’t know, but I just don’t like the fact that other people might hear my whole conversation though the speakerphone. Y’know you’re sitting in traffic, stopped and there’s cars next to you and they can just listen in to your conversations. I much refer my BT headset, sure people might be able to hear some of the conversation but they’re not hearing all of it.. maybe it’s just me?!

The Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone allows users to pair the unit with any Bluetooth enabled phone, set up five speed dials, ask for a list of commands, call back the last incoming call, check the battery and cancel a call with just their voice.  The Bluetooth Car Speakerphone includes a removable visor clip which attaches to the magnets behind the main unit.  It also features noise suppression, echo cancellation, and 7 hours of talk time.

“With so many states making it illegal to use cellular phones while on the road, hands-free calls have become a necessity,” said Michael Nostrant, President and CEO of Moshi parent company SnS International.  “The Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone is unique in that it has the ability to dial and answer calls without ever having to take your hands off the wheel.”

The Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone is available now for $79.99 MSRP at