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Motorola Droid X, Droid 2 What’s Next? Here Cometh The Droid Pro!

I have been reading a lot of comments that people are getting seriously upset with the Android platform constantly bring out new devices and updates leaving device owners holding the bag with dated devices for 2 years. Well fire up your engines because if BGR is right with his Verizon Ninja’s, we are about to get some more Droid goodness dropped on us in the form of a 1.3GHz Processor Droid Pro!

This big processor beasty will have global roaming capability and is set as model number A957. The Droid Pro will also come with a 4” inch Display for your viewing pleasure. Also on the same slate as the Droid Pro is the Droid 2 update coming in World Edition and global roaming. What and Black colors to suit your taste.

Last but not least, Motorola plans to drop some Android Tablet love on us . Not a whole lot more is know about it other than that Verizon appears to have big stake in it with 170K coming down the pipeline.

More spy shots can be had at BGR

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