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Mobility Digest Review: Motorola Droid X Hands On

Well, with all the other leaks on the Motorola Droid X, Engadget decided to dump all the goods it has with several videos and a gallery full of photos to wet your appetite before the release date hits Verizon for the rest of us.

Having originally thought the Droid X would come with a 4.3 Screen, Engadget is saying that it will be coming with a 4.4-inch, FWVGA 854 x 480-resolution screen. This Droid X capacitive screen is gorgeous and supports multi touch that when you are using the on screen keyboard, you can press and hold a key and then type with the other hand at the same time, something the Sprint EVO cannot do. Also mentioned is that Moto Blur is going to be getting an update which is going to be well received. The Motorola Droid X also comes equipped with a 8 megapixel camera and 720 HD Video Recording capability!

So if this little teaser wet your appetite for more, head on over to Engadget and check it out.