End of Life. So long Dell Streak, a device so many wanted so bad to pick up where the Dell Axim line left off is now but a sad memory of the good ol’ days of old. Where did the Dell Streak go wrong? In my opinion, it was mainly a very poor roll out of a device that was receiving some very good internet buzz. Except that when it finally did roll our, it came powered by an OS that was very out dated, Donut, or Android 1.6. It was promised that an update would soon follow. Promised huh?

Painstakingly slow roll out of Froyo hacked off owners of both the unlocked version purchased direct from Dell and even more painful was the wait AT&T customers had to endure. Over a month later in fact did AT&T customers wait. However, if you count yourself among the brave at heart or the adventurous when it comes to rooting your Android device, then you were in luck because the development community did not disappoint with now famous chef DJ_Steve and his StreakDroid ROMS.

Now the Dell Streak is a memory falling into the many archives of blogs and forums across the net. Or is it? The Dell Streak remember still packs some impressive specs even by todays standards and can easily stand on it’s own. It’s very nice 5inch screen made by Corning and aptly called Gorilla Glass plus a 1 GHz processor. I will be the first to tell you that the build quality from Dell is nothing short of outstanding either. Right down to the metal back cover. There is still a development community and a group of dedicated owners still hacking their Dell Streak. Websites like Streak Smart led by veteran blogger Jenn K. Lee may hang around a bit longer and evangelize new and exciting developments coming from the Dell Streak community.

Goodbye Dell Streak 5.


  1. First posting on your own articles is bad luck and with the full ten recent comment widget max-out prize!!

  2. This appears to be US only, from what I’ve seen, at least for now. Europeans can still get them, as well as Asian countries, and even Rogers Canada still has it on their website.

    Oh, and not to nitpick, but 1.6 was Donut. And yeah, it sucked.

  3. Wayne: I know you’re referring to the user agent and platform icons but for the thing above it, the randomly-assigned logo avatar with customized avatars (not the ones that come with wordpress), there used to be pictures of hot chicks instead of these silly phone-related things. I won’t mention any names but Doug Smith decided the site would be better with Verizon and AT&T logos instead of the chicks. Me, I thought the chicks were good not just because, hey, hot chicks, but because a sausage fest website with a bunch of dudes talking to each other but every time they make a comment they sort of look like a chick, that’s funny shit right there. Makes for a better site. On a very small level, one could even call that mildly genius, or at least refreshingly unique.

    But Smith, whenever you offer him an idea, the better the idea, the more uncomfortable it makes him. But hey, at least it’s not the wordpress logos, though I wouldn’t have done it in the first place if I didn’t forget that Smith would neuter it. In that sense, I blame myself. Man, don’t get me started on Smith.

    His command of the language has improved slightly over the year, I’ll give him that.

    As for the apple logo, I’mma look your ass up right now and see why the system failed you.. please hold…

    Okay I found it. The reason is that, though normally over in Auburn Hills when you post you use Firefox (which you updated somewhere between the 22nd and 29th of June), today someone maybe stole your wifi and stole your exact idea for a comment and posted it to this site while intercepting your comment post by means of a honeypot router which he bounced you onto with some packet tricks using Kismet for Linux probaby and airsnort.

    And when he did that, which he did after reading my AT&T piece, among the things he told my server that he also told Smith’s “server” was this:

    “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_3; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 Safari/533.16”

    When this user agent thing I installed on WordPress heard that from your neighbor who might be Chinese, it slapped you with the Apple logo, though perhaps on his honeypot version of our site which he probably mirrored, you got the right logo, and then when you fired up your Dell Streak running Android 2.2.2 on FRG83G on your wifi to post that comment in which you expressed your feelings, it joined the right network, not the honeypot.

    Sorry for the confusion and your being victimized; I hope no one judges you because of the logo.

  4. Actually, both of my posts were via Dolphin HD on my Streak. That user agent string must be what Dolphin reports when surfing in “Desktop” mode.

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