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Motorola lied on iOS 6 Maps by using a fake address?

Motorola lied on iOS 6 Maps by using a fake address

Uh oh, hold on folks, this could get ugly! According to appleinsider Motorola was blowing smoke up you know where when they compared the new iOS 6 Maps to Google Maps on their latest Droid “what ever its called.” The Apple ecstatic site did some detective work, and have seemingly uncovered that the address shown in the ad was now real.

Well then, allow me to speculate. I suspect this is the same madness Apple as been doing for years, they call it iMarketing, and they are very good at it. I would also like to further speculate, why did Apple scoope up  a few ex-google employees with intentions on addressing a fake addressed used in dirty marketing tactics? Further speculation, why did apple come out and tea bag consumers with a “yea we know it sucks, but it can only get better” public announcement all to remediate a fake address in a picture?

And last, and more importantly, how did this pundit site catch this before apple? Could it be apple knows Maps is a joke and are already 2 feet face first in the dirt? seems a but more upset than people inside apple, how about them apples. humph….