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Motorola to waste no time getting Android 4.0 devices released

We all got a first hand look at Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the latest and greatest Android 4.0 operating system soon to be released. ICS, which will launch first on the Samsung Nexus, will be the much awaited flagship device once again for Google. Even though Google has kept it’s relationship with Samsung going strong and giving Sammy the nod once again to build the next Nexus, Motorola will be wasting no time rolling out ICS devices either.

Motorola in a tweet today has announced that they will have Android 4.0 devices hitting the streets 6 weeks after the final version has been released to manufacturers. No word on Moto’s backward compatibility of ICS with prior devices, but they have hinted that at least the DROID RAZR will see the update. Let’s hope that DROID BIONIC owners will see some ICS love too because that is probably the best Android Device I have ever used from Motorola.

Stay tuned for more coming from the Google owned Moto boys with future ICS devices and OS updates.