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Android OEMs Wage Unnecessary War for Usage

Microsoft recently has filed a lawsuit against Barnes & Noble (B&N) for the Nook & Nook Color’s usage of Android.  This action came after several attempts by Microsoft to get B&N to sign a licensing deal for 6 patents Microsoft alleges that the Android OS infringes on.  Of course having no clear evidence that the infringement is valid B&N scoffed at the deal.  One of the most shocking thing to B&N was what they term “outrageously high” licensing costs for the patents in question.  Evidently, it is more costly to license the 6 patents that Android OS infringes on than to license the entire Windows Phone OS from Microsoft.

One of the major advantages and key to Android adoption by OEMs is the perceived free cost to use the Android OS.  When faced with increased competition from market leader Apple a few years back OEMs had to make the choice to stick with a windows based platform or go Android.  Of course business is business so it made sense to use an OS that was “free” and save you millions of dollars you could then translate into R&D on custom skins and differentiating features.

The downside is that while Android happily allows any and everyone to use the Android OS and do basically whatever they wish to it they don’t protect anyone who uses the OS from legal action.  Microsoft, unlike Google, stands behind and protects its partners from legal actions associated with using their products.

In a war that is sure to heat up its clear that OEMs better do their research and that everyone is taking this seriously.


Source: Business Insider