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Motorola Xoom Priced At $799.99

imageThere’s lots of hype surrounding the Motorola Xoom. I mean, it’s dual 1ghz processor, 1080pHDMI out support, 5mp rear facing camera (720p recording) and 2mp front facing and all sorts of sensors (including a barometer). Well it looks like we’re getting some pricing details – $799.99 on Verizon. That has to be an unsubsidized price but since the iPad is also unsubsidized, that may be the final sales price. Remember that when you compare this to the iPad prices you need to compare it to a model with a data card built in and from that perspective it’s competitive. But, the big question is can the new guy on the block compete with the established frontrunner, especially since we all know that the iPad 2 is on the way and the iPhone 4 is hitting VZ as well so that may keep people within that ecosystem?

So, you tell me – is $799 a good enough price point to compete with the iPad?

via AndroidCentral