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Motorola XOOM Tablet “Empower Productivity” for business

Motorola has just launched a new video making it’s case that their tablet is not only geared towards a rich consumer media experience, but is also very well suited to the business market. Speaking on how the XOOM will “Empower Productivity” for the business class, the XOOM is highlighted in the video as being able to:

  • Synchronize Microsoft Exchange Calendars, Contacts, and Push Email
  • Drag and drop emails into folders
  • Easy email attachment handling
  • Webcam for real time video conferencing
  • VOIP G-Talk
  • Open developer APIs to enable SIP based internet calling
  • “Robust set of Microsoft Exchange security policies”
  • Data encryption and remote wipe capabilities
  • VPN support
  • Motorola wireless keyboard for a PC like experience
  • Third party apps like Quick Office for productivity

While there is no question the Motorola XOOM packs a punch with it’s hardware specs and awesome screen, but it’s the Android Honeycomb operating system has left a lot of retail consumers feeling that the user interface and lack of optimization missed the mark. With BlackBerry’s Playbook underperforming as well and feeling some recall blues, the XOOM might be pitching it’s product to the business class market.

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