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Bottom Line, Murani

When talking trash about Android, which is evidently a key component to discussing how awesome Windows Phone is, Murani will concede, as he just did after watching this video, that Android’s Ice Cream is excellent, but quickly points out that the overwhelming majority of Android consumers are still stuck on Gingerbread. Well firstly Murani 64% is not an “overwhelming” majority. What is an overwhelming majority is the segment of smartphone owners who won’t flip out when they don’t get their platform updates or even have a vague idea of what that means. But that’s not the point.

Tomorrow Samsung will unveil their Galaxy S III. The GSII, to refresh your memory, sporting by all accounts the best hardware of any smartphone at the time, sold five million units in its first 85 days, ten million by the fifth month. This successor, you can safely bet, will likewise hold the same title of across-the-board best hardware out there. And it will run this Ice Cream Sandwich platform Murani concedes is excellent.

We’ll find out tomorrow but according to the rumor market the SGS III is slated to be the thinnest phone at 7mm, thinner than Motorola’s RAZR (also Android…), 1.4GHz to 1.8GHz quadruple core processor, 12MP/2MP, 4.7” 1080p resolution screen from the South Koreans who whoop more and more ass over time with new and improved screen technology (in terms of brightness outside, reflectiveness, contrast, resolution and efficiency overall), LTE, ceramic case (the stuff they use on friggin’ tanks), two gigs of ram (compared to Windows Phone Tango’s 0.256GB spec) – are you getting the picture Murani? Think you’ll see those specs on your thing anytime soon? What, you don’t want all that awesomeness because you’re optimized and battery life and yada yada? How many phones you got available to you with over a 2050mAh battery yet it’s still somehow thin as hell? Hey, 1080p, how do you feel about that?

So here’s the bottom line, Murani. If I am drawn to a phone by whether or not its hardware is the most outstanding, and so many of these Android shortcomings versus Windows Phone you admit have been impressively polished away by ICS (not to mention all the things I like about Android), and I like Google (but also like the option of running Microsoft software like Photosynth), does it matter that some or even many of the hundreds (thousands?) of Android phones are running Gingerbread or Facebook buttons? No. What do I care if there are shitty Android phones? How does that affect me? What, fragmentation? You sure you want to bring that up anymore chief?

As far as I’m concerned, ICS is fantastic (as was Honeycomb and Gingerbread and Froyo and Eclair), and Android most certainly gets the best hardware again and again, prolifically. While you’re busy rallying the troops within the 256MB / WVGA 4life team, I along with the overwhelming majority of smartphone consumers have a slew of phones with hardware from this decade to choose from, many of them have much better hardware across the board than any Windows Phone phone, and many are popping up left and right with ICS. I’m not stuck with the average Android phone. I’ve got options; and you’ve got options too, but my options include hardware your hardware options might touch three years from now.

Therefore Android is quite arguably better.

And maybe that’s why it feels like you guys are the ones doing all the aggressive hostile arguing. If these Samsung killer phones were packing Windows Phone, maybe you’d see some real consumer interest.

I can’t believe that you people with your lack of OEM interest actually criticize going Android because after you buy your top of the line Android, the next week it’s “obsolete.” I guess if your pride hinges on having stuck it out on Team Other that’s how you’ve got to characterize the byproduct of extreme OEM competition unbridled even by the Microsoft Shakedown tax. Another thing you’re proud of which blows my mind is that you chose the platform that seems to do the opposite of encouraging hardware improvement.

Now having said that, Windows Phone is fantastic, no question. Honestly, I wish I had bought my mom a Windows Phone instead of a Samsung Captivate. What a piece of crap that thing is.

In summation, Murani, you’re still a panda pounder. Bottom line.

Doug Simmons