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MS Plus VZ = Mall Kiosk

Microsoft has slowly been figuring out that name recognition and advertising are required to sell a product…go figure. We saw a few tv advertisements in the past (often showing a phone like the Pure in the commercials) and we know that the new Microsoft stores show a few Windows phones and now comes a mall kiosk. Take a look at the pic taken by TylerPruitt and posted to Twitter of a kiosk at Alderwood Mall in Washington (the state, not the district). And from Alderwood Mall’s Facebook page we learn a little more about the kiosk. “Between December 4th and 6th, visit the Verizon event booth located near JC Penney to learn about the MS Windows phone!” The kiosk features the Imagio, Ozone and Touch Pro 2 – the Windows phones that are on VZ so this is a partnership between VZ and MS. A three day kiosk won’t win the war, but I’m always happy to see that MS is actually starting to take Windows phones seriously as a product line. And VZ makes sense for a campaign since there’s a certain phone that they don’t have so they always want to show off the phones they do have unlike AT&T whose wait message reminds you that they’re the home of the iPhone.

Pretty nice find from our friends at 1800PocketPC.