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Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Touch Mouse for Windows 8 Unveiled


While the subject of leaks a few weeks back, Microsoft has officially taken the wraps off of their new Wedge Mobile keyboard and  Wedge Touch mouse. With Windows 8 ramping up to release, you can probably expect these devices to launch sometime before October 26th rolls around.

Both peripherals will connect via Bluetooth, with the typical wireless dongles noticeably absent. They’ll also run on minimal battery power – the keyboard will use two AAA batteries while the mouse will run on a single AA battery.

008WMK_CoverBent_gallery_postMicrosoft’s Wedge Mobile keyboard looks to be the real winner of the two with an elegant yet simple design. There’s nothing too fancy or flashy to see here but a nice clean keyboard to take with you on the go. It comes with a smartly designed keyboard cover that serves a dual purpose – first and foremost, it protects the keyboard, but it can also be propped up to be used as a stand for your tablet. The cover’s hinge is able to swing into just about any desirable position, giving you a variety of viewing angles to work from. There are also magnets built into the cover that can wake the keyboard from standby mode when you want to use it.

007WTM_SoftTouch_composite_gallery_postThe Wedge Mobile Touch mouse on the other hand is a funky looking device unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The surface is essentially a touchpad able to pick up scrolling gestures going in both directions. Microsoft’s BlueTrack laser technology is supposed to improve tracking on any surface, and the compact design of the mouse is designed for portability.

The one downside from the fantastic looking keyboard is the hefty $79.95 price tag, and the mouse doesn’t fare much better coming in at $69.95.

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