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MSFT Tweet: Existing Devices May Be Upgradable to WP7 After All.

backpedalIn spite of what one of their suits said in a CNET interview, you just may be able, maybe, to upgrade to WM7 after all without having to buy a new device according to this tweet by WindowsphoneUK who, noting that they’re a good ways away from releasing anything to manufacturers, said that it’s “really for our hardware partners to think about.”

I’m indifferently confused too but I suppose in our case this means that if HTC is inclined they may some day let you download a rom upgrade to WM7 if your device isn’t too old. I’m trying to think of why this would be in Microsoft’s interests and all I’ve got is that they would be able to report bigger numbers for WP7 adoption at the expense of less standardized hardware.

So based on these contradictory remarks and their close chronological proximity to each other, they either need to get their stories straight, there is no story yet to straighten, I changed their minds or they’re deliberately confusing us. To offer you further confusion, the HD2 may or may not get WP7. Adobe adds a little affirmation and confusion to that by identifying the HD2 as the first WinMo device to get Flash 10.1.

Doug Simmons