Here’s a cool game I found on WMPoweruser by Angry Mango Games.  You tilt the phone to move left and right, but the cool part is that you can draw a smile of the screen to make Mush happy; when happy, Mush floats up.  Alternatively, you can draw a frown and this will sadden Mush and make him sink water and weigh more on other objects.  Reminds me a little of Loco Roco, but with a unique twist.  I’m totally loving the artwork!  More info available on their website.


  1. It really looks great.

    I’ve seen it a couple of days ago, through one of the comments in this site, on Pink Mist game topic.

  2. Looks boring. So you tilt the phone left or right or draw a smile or sad face to go up and down, nothing really new there. Nice graphics though.

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