It’s Atari Breakout’s 37th anniversary. And what does Google do to commemorate it?

Make an HTML5 game, of course. Google search on “atari breakout” or just go here. And kiss the next 2 hours goodbye.


  1. Marti, I applaud you for working up the nerve on this vitriolic, cantankerous Microsoft-enthiastic-male-dominated blog to make a reference to Google that wasn’t extremely negative. The majority of our female writers, a collection of women of fabulous diversity and backbone, would have posted this article under “Reader Submitted” or maybe as me.

    Damn lady you sure love your video games, let’s see what this thing is.. woah not bad Google, not bad HTML5 for that matter.

  2. Hey, I’m as fannish as the next WinPhan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give props where I see ’em.
    And no play and all work makes Marti Very Cranky.

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