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MyMobiler Skins For HTC HD2, TP2, and More…

Let’s face it, everyone is always looking for a good deal. If you are a Windows Mobile device owner, then you are most likely making it your mission in life to find the absolute best freeware possible to replace the very nice, but high priced third party developed software needed to enhance our device. Perfect case in point is Soti’s Pocket Controller software. It is just simply the best, no questions asked. But for the seasoned Windows Mobile Expert that knows how to use Google search and cruise the XDA-Developers forums, then arguably the best freeware solution to Soti is MyMobiler. The software is a little slower, not as feature rich, and never included a cool device skin for capturing screen shots and using the hardware buttons. But now thanks to XDA-Developers you can now skin some of the more popular HTC Devices like the HTC HD2, HTC TP2, HTC Diamond and Touch Pro. Check out some screen shots below:

The HTC HD2 Thread can found here: [Skin] HTC HD2 MyMoblier Skin

The HTC Touch Pro 2 Thread can be found here: [THE] Make a Rhodium/HTCTouchPro2 MyMobiler Skin

The HTC Diamond/Touch Pro can be found here: [THE] Diamond/TouchPro MyMobiler Skin (1/2/09)

MyMobiler can be found here: MyMobiler v1.23 (06/15/2008) – FREEWARE

Doing some digging it looked like there was some other skins available too so if your favorite device was not mentioned, do some digging and odds are good you may come up with a skin for your device. As a side note, you will want to READ the whole thread to each of the links posted. For the instructions on how to install the skins, or CLICK HERE.