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TouchPro2 Available Tomorrow?

Put this right into the doubtful pile but website SMGGMS has the unlocked TouchPro2 labeled with a due in stock date of May 12, 2009. It’s listed for $800. The company is in California and has photos of just about every speculative HTC phone (the others lack release dates which may actually add a little credibility to the TP2 date but I’m still not convinced;)). Just check out these pics of unreleased phones with unknown specs in some cases: Barium, Beryl Jade 2, Cedar, Citrine, Firestone, Magnet Iolite 2, Max 4G, Rhodium, Snap, Toth, Topaz, Tungsten, Whitestone and the Willow to name a few. If nothing else we have some nice photos to go along with the leaked HTC device specs.

Neat find kid29 of PPCGeeks.