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N2A Card + Discounted Nook Color = Instant Android Tablet!

This is rather cool I think, you can turn your Nook into an Android tablet and get all that comes with it just by popping a microSD card into it. Sounds easy and very useful to me. If I had a Nook I think I’d have to try one of these out..


The best-selling Barnes & Noble Nook Color digital ebook reader is now available everywhere at fantastic discounts—and the $34.99 N2A Card™ is the perfect, proven solution to convert it to a fully functioning Android tablet.

Today’s introduction of the Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble’s newest e-reader, is creating a huge opportunity for consumers to buy the popular Nook Color at discounts ranging from 20 to 50 percent.

Nook Color e-readers in users’ hands run into the multi-millions. An IDC Research report released in July indicated Nook Color had taken the lead over the black and white Amazon Kindle ebook reader ( ). An story ( ), drawing on IDC’s report, noted that 3.3 million e-readers were shipped during that quarter: a rate of roughly 600,000 to 700,000 units each month.

The N2A card converts the reader to a Gingerbread 2.3.7 tablet, and provides access to top applications and various app markets. It contains all files needed to make full use of the Android tablet technology that is at the heart of every Nook Color.

"This kind of tablet conversion is normally done only by geeks and hackers," Vinzant continued. "Our card makes it simple, bringing the advantages of an open Android system to everyday consumers who simply want to enjoy the tablet and not think about the technology that got them there."

N2A Cards come available in three sizes: 8GB, at $34.99; 16GB, at $59.99; and 32GB for $79.99. They are available at the N2A online store,, or at N2A cards are supported by a dedicated technical support team.

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