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The New PC SkyDrive App Let’s You Get Personal and Corporate Files From Your Mobile Browser

One of the missing features for Windows Phones has been the ability to use a VPN and have access to your work files on the go. In the past you needed to drop files you wanted to have access to into your SkyDrive and then you could grab them on the go. A bit clunky. Not necessary any longer though.

If you install the new SkyDrive application for PC/Mac then you can browse and download files from your home or work computer within your mobile browser. I tried this on my Windows Phone and you need to enter a security code just like any other computer but then you can fully browse your files and open them (assuming it’s a file type Windows phones open). otherwise the option is to copy to SkyDrive and from there you can go and share a link to others. But if you needed a Word, Excel, jpeg, etc you can now grab it. And yes if you install SkyDrive on a work PC you can browse the same work folders you can browse from your local PC. It’s all just waiting for you. That’s great for on the go access to all of your files.

Just install this on your PC and then go to on your phone and you’re all set.