There’s an app for that! No need for pricy equipment or roaming charges, just your smartphone and SafeCell. It somehow hooks your phone onto your Learjet’s satellite link with a combination of magic and bluetooth, turning it into a wifi hotspot.

I can’t find it on the various app stores so I guess that means sideloading (and for iPhones, jailbreaking). But hey, it’s only $17,500 (or $27,500 if your jet lacks some computer thing).

If you’re willing lay down a little more dough you could always go on Craigslist and hire a pretty lady to … serve you drinks as you surf Craigslist again 30K feet in the air for a different gal or two to assume that responsibility in the … appropriate attire the next time you land to refuel.

Too steep? Well you cheapskate if you can manage to dig $12,500 out of your couch you can get the single channel version, for example if you only want this to show it off to your rich friends and / or politicians and then put it away just before they lose interest (that’s called showmanship).

No word yet on a free ad-supported or donationware version.


  1. Finally… someone looking out for the ultra-rich folks! They always seem to get neglected, it seems :)

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