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Netflix Internet Data Consumption Up While Piracy Declines

netflix It didn’t seem like too long ago when Netflix stood on the brink of disaster financially as they lost a huge part of their video portfolio when Stars backed out of the deal with them. How things have changed. Now Netflix is riding high and even creating their own unique content with several original series including some Marvel Superhero titles coming in 2015.

Netflix Announces 4 Marvel Superhero Series

With Netflix sudden surging success so has it’s internet data consumption risen and forced the debate about who should be responsible for improving the United States less than stellar internet speeds. Netflix data consumption during peak times has risen to 34% up from the 32% it was last year. With more original content and improving new and old titles to their video library like Spaceballs it does not seem an end to the data consumption problems will get better. 

On another note, according to Sandvine Inc., a Canadian networking services company, found that file sharing has declined to 8.3% of daily network traffic. So could Hollywood finally get their panties out of a wad now?

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