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Pirate Legends Free for a Limited Time on iOS

Free game for you, we all love free, so you can get Pirate Legends tower defense style game free for iOS for a limited time. Not sure what limited means as it doesn’t mention how long it will be free, so I suggest if you like tower defense games then go and grab it right now to make sure you get it for free! Screenshots, link and a little info about the game below for you..

icon Pirate_ScreenShot_en-ipad-1 Pirate_ScreenShot_en-ipad-2

Superhippo gives buccaneers and aspiring sea captains a new reason to set sail, announcing today that Pirate Legends is available for free on iOS devices! Traverse the Seven Seas as you fend off attacks from the British navy, cannibal tribes and even the undead! 
For a limited time, download Pirate Legends for free  on the iTunes App Store:
In Pirate Legends, players will discover:

Seven varied lush environments complete with helpful NPC units

12 epic battles across the seas against 28 different enemies and four terrifying bosses

20 unique towers, with 16 powerful special attacks

Awesome soundtrack with a dozen unique tracks and character voiceovers

Four seaworthy heroes to command and five magical relic powers to wield

Best of all…this is now free!

Defend your ship, or yer walkin’ the plank matey! Set sail on a pirate adventure of epic proportions, exclusively on iOS devices.