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Netflix Streaming coming to Android soon

An official Netflix app is on its way to Android devices (finally). Exactly when, however, is yet to be determined. Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about the development of its Android plans, but some sleuths over at Ars Technica found this job posting for an “Android Video Playback Expert,” pretty much ensuring that Android will be the next platform to add Netflix Streaming to its arsenal. About damn time, too, especially when you consider the fact that Netflix had an official app ready to go when that pile of clunk, otherwise known as the iPad, dropped. And from the moment it was announced that the iPhone version of the app would soon follow, Android fans have been blowing up the comment sections of just about every tech blog screaming, “What about me?” Soon enough, my friends, and likely the same time as your iPhone brethren. As for a Blackberry version, from the looks of that sad ass new operating system, who would bother?