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NetFront Still Kicking

A while back when we polled you about which browser was the best NetFront didn’t fare so well. With that said they do continue to update the app and although it’s a trial technically, they have extended the current version until November 30, 2009. I still find it to be a nice quick browser and if you disable images then it flies and it resizes everything for a nice view. Reading news sites, for example, is a nice experience with NetFront. If you try it, I  suggest just increasing the font size universally to save time zooming. And the view is in VGA so you will not get jagged edges on your fonts. The Toshiba TG01 features this browser in fact, so I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it. So for those of you still upset over the loss of Iris then you may as well load up NetFront so you have enough browsers available on your phone:)

The download is available here.