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New iPhone 5S and 5C Accessory Roundup

So the new and wonderful iPhones were announced yesterday and with that came a deluge of announcements about accessories. I stopped counting and I’m not going to post all of these individually, so I’m just going to do a rather large roundup posting of what I’ve got so far as I’m sure more will be coming in.  I’m doing these with the hide function so the post isn’t bigger, so you can pick which company you’d like to read about and press the button to reveal the information and pictures of the new products…


Just going to go down my little list here… we’ll start with ADOPTED..


[spoiler title=”ADOPTED“]

ADOPTED, the fashion tech accessories brand, unveils two new leather styles for fall 2013 – the vintage-inspired Leather Frame Case and the Leather Folio – for the iPhone 5s. Both cases borrow several design cues from ADOPTED’s Red Dot award-winning Leather Wrap Case, including the patent-pending metallized frame and unique application of leather inlays. The new collection is available for pre-order today in The Adopted Shop, with delivery set for early October. The Leather Frame Case is $39.95 and the Leather Folio is $59.95.

Leather Frame Case:

Leather Folio:

The ADOPTED Leather Frame Case has a two-piece interlocking construction that offers a clean, minimalist design, while providing substantial protection to the outer bezel of the iPhone 5. The metallized frame, with its inlays of genuine full-grain leather, elegantly showcases your phone, providing an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Installation is by way of an easy, two-piece locking mechanism. The Leather Frame Case is available in two color combinations: pewter/gunmetal and white/gold for $39.95.

The ADOPTED Leather Folio takes another approach, appealing to those who desire not only a more encompassing solution, but an integrated interior card pocket. The Leather Folio is genuine full-grain leather on the exterior with a soft suede interior to protect the iPhone display. The Leather Folio features front, back, and side protection of the device, easy snap-in installation, and full access to all buttons and ports. The Leather Folio is available in two color combinations: pewter/silver and white/gold for $59.95.

ADOPTED’s new Leather Collection is the perfect combination of features for those who require distinctive styling and mobile utility. Both cases are available for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s today for pre-order exclusively through ADOPTED’s Online Shop.


[spoiler title=”Seidio”]

Seidio, a leading manufacturer of premium mobile accessories, announces that its signature series of cases and a screen guard are now available for the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.  In the wake of Apple’s latest announcement, consumers can preorder these must-have items to keep their device well protected throughout the daily grind.  The signature series offers a variety of protection levels so each consumer can choose based on their individual needs.

The SURFACE is a slim and sleek case designed for everyday use.  It’s the thinnest option for consumers looking to protect against typical bumps and scratches encountered throughout the day.  The ACTIVE case is ideal for those looking for additional protection because of its two-layer design.  Both are available with a kickstand.  The metal kickstand props the phone up for comfortable multimedia viewing angles and hands-free use.

The CONVERT is a heavy-duty case meant for the consumer who uses their smartphone in tough, rugged environments.  It’s two-cases-in-one, and defends the smartphone from all angles.  The CONVERT comes with the built-in metal kickstand, and can attach to a utility belt with the included holster.

The Ultimate Screen Guard protects the most important part of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S: the screen!  It maintains clarity and touch sensitivity while offering a 3H hardness rating to eliminate scratches and abrasions.  This high-quality screen protector only adds 0.1mm thickness to the smartphone.

Signature Series Pricing

SURFACE (without Kickstand): $29.95 (Holster Combo: $49.95)

SURFACE, ACTIVE (with Kickstand): $34.95 (Holster Combo: $54.95)

CONVERT Combo: $54.95 (Value Pack: $74.95)

LEDGER: $34.95

Ultimate Screen Guard: $9.95 (2-Pack: $14.95)

The Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C accessories are available for preorder at  It will begin shipping tomorrow.


[spoiler title=”LUXA2“]


LUXA2, a premier designer and manufacturer of unique and functional mobile accessories including holders, portable power, headsets and cases, is excited to announce that the new Apple iPhone5S/5C are compatible with its current smartphone holder products.

In addition to this exciting news, the iPhone5S is also compatible with all existing LUXA2 iPhone 5 cases, meaning now all you have to worry about is which luxurious LUXA2 case you want to protect your new precious!

Portable Battery Packs

NEW P2 Aluminum Power Pack

LUXA2’s P2 is a slim, lightweight, aluminum 5000mAh portable battery pack designed for users who desire that extra bit of power whilst on the move. With its premium look and feel, it provides the perfect companion for your smartphone or tablet in those power hungry situations.

Suggested price : USD 64.95

For more product information, please visit:

LUXA2 Mobile Holders :

H1 PremiumHolder

An all aluminum desk stand made for any smartphone with a display size of 3.2” -4.8”. It is designed to hold most mobile phone at a comfortable viewing angle so you can easily watch a video, text message, email or play games without having to hold your phone. H1 Premium is also compatible with your device even if it’s in a case!

Suggested price : USD 39.99

For more product information, please visit:

LUXA2 Cases

Airy iPhone5 Case

This super slender PC case complements the new, slimmer iPhone. The case is so light that it feels like it is barely there on your new phone. It snaps on easily and securely to protect your new phone against scratches and dirt. The frosted and translucent finish enhances the look of your phone and feels great in your hand!

Suggested price : USD 29.99

For more product information, please visit:

Earth iPhone 5 Case

Made from recycled paper, Earth iPhone 5 Case is designed with the environment in mind with natural materials and chic elements. Earth iPhone 5 Case is lightweight, durable, and beautiful way to protect your phone.

Suggested price : USD 24.99

For more product information, please visit:


For all the latest news, product information and where to buy, please visit our official website and Facebook page.

LUXA2 official website and community websites:

LUXA2 official website:



[spoiler title=”Griffin”]

Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, is rolling out a wide array of cases to outfit the newly-announced Apple devices – iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.
“Apple’s new colors for iPhone present more options for expressing personal style with the technology we use in our daily lives,” said Chris Paterson, General Manager of Design and Product Marketing at Griffin Technology. “And Griffin has trendsetting new case collections for the iPhone 5c and 5s, with an assortment of styles that enhance personal expression while continuing to offer the ultimate in device protection.”

Show off the vibrant colors of the new iPhone 5c with Survivor Clear, $29.99, which features a crystal-clear polycarbonate shell with resilient rubber on the edges and corners. Sleek yet protective, Survivor Clear’s edges are molded for secure grip and open ports provide easy access to connectors and controls. Griffin’s entire Survivor collection will soon be available for iPhone 5c, including Survivor, $49.99, Survivor Slim, $39.99, and Survivor Skin, $19.99.

Users can also flaunt their new iPhone 5c’s vivid hues with Griffin’s ultra-thin Reveal, a translucent polycarbonate shell with slim rubber edges. Coming soon in black and hot pink for $19.99, Reveal’s slim yet protective design allows easy access to touchscreen, camera, controls, and ports.

Personalize and protect the iPhone 5s with the new colorful Separates fashion collection, now available at $29.99, featuring a multitude of fun colors and patterns. Separates’ patent-pending 2-piece case combines a polycarbonate backplate with a color-keyed frame for protection at edges and corners. All Separates backs and frames are interchangeable with other Separates cases, allowing users to outfit their phones with a never-ending stream of fresh, new looks. In addition to Separates, Griffin’s entire range of cases designed for iPhone 5 are compatible with the new iPhone 5s.
Griffin’s new Separates case collection for iPhone 5s is now available and shipping, with new case offerings for iPhone 5c available soon. Griffin’s current range of world-class charging solutions and cables are compatible with iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Check out all the latest Griffin cases and accessories at



[spoiler title=”M-Edge “]


Immediately following the Apple keynote today, leading tech accessory brand M-Edge announces cases for the iPhone 5C and 5S. The products will be available at as well as retailers nationwide including US Cellular starting on September 20th, the day the new phones launch.

M-Edge’s cases offer personalization and protection to match any color phone and any personal style. Bestselling case styles offered for the iPhone 5C and 5S include the Echo and Snap. With a two-layer design and brightly colored prints, the Echo is must-have protection and style. Simple but elegant, the Snap Case is ultra-thin and showcases classic M-Edge patterns as well as Trina Turk’s southern California-inspired graphic prints. The cases range in price from $20 to $35.

Bill Fuchs, Director of cell phone accessories says, “With the advent of a lower cost, colorful iPhone, our cases fit the needs of young people who have ever-changing style. This launch comes just in time for the back to school and holiday seasons and we’re excited to have cases that complement the new iPhone 5C and 5S.”

M-Edge’s current iPhone 5 line is cross-compatible with the iPhone 5S. Soon, M-Edge plans to unveil additional cases that complement the new iPhone 5S colors – space gray, silver, and gold.

Finally, M-Edge has celebrated the Apple announcement with its #OneMoreThing Campaign. For the latest highlights, follow the campaign and M-Edge onFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customers can sign up to be notified about iPhone 5C and 5S products at



[spoiler title=”Case Scenario”]

Case Scenario is proud to announce three new Pantone Universe and Keith Haring case offerings for the newly released iPhone 5S and 5C.  The new case collections offer the best in style, protection and functionality for the Apple offerings.

The colorful Pantone Universe Clip & Go for iPhone 5S features an innovative three part interchangeable design consisting of a hard polycarbonate shell wrapped around a shock absorbent silicone case and satin finish flap for maximum protection. The satin finish flap protects the front of the iPhone screen while also doubling as a stand for landscape and portrait viewing angles – ideal for watching videos, searching the internet and FaceTime chatting. The multi-purpose case allows users to combine the three cases together for maximum protection or individually depending on their needs.

The Case Scenario Pantone Universe hard-shell snap on case for iPhone 5S is a lightweight yet protective case. Made of a glossy IMD (in-mold decoration technology), the case boasts the best long lasting color printing technique on the market.  The functional design allows for easy access to all device features while remaining design-conscious.  The five new colors include Blue Atoll (16-4535), Dandelion (13-0758), Purple Cactus Flower (18-3250), Jet Black (19-0303) and the 2014 Color of the Year.

The Keith Haring Crystal Case for iPhone 5C by Case Scenario is a lightweight, flexible case featuring four of the iconic designer’s artwork. The transparent case highlights the color of the new iPhone while adding a touch of flair and impact protection.

The Pantone Universe Clip & Go and hard-shell cases will be available for $35 and $30 respectively on late September 2013.

The Keith Haring Crystal Case will be available late September 2013 for $20 at



[spoiler title=”X-Doria”]


X-Doria, a leading maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles, announces the availability of their latest iPhone 5S and 5C cases. All X-Doria cases provide a stylish and functional design, while keeping your device protected at all times. The cases will be available at for the following MSRP: Defense 720°– $29.99, Scene Plus — $29.99, Scene — $24.99, Rapt — $24.99, and Dash Icon — $19.99

Defense 720° — (MSRP $29.99) This accessory provides maximum protection against drops, impacts, scratches, smudges and other everyday hazards. An industry first, the hard injected protective shield completely covers the screen, while still allowing complete touch control. A soft rubber edge adds an additional layer of protection all around your iPhone. The Defense is your iPhone’s best defense and it’s available in: blue, purple and black for iPhone 5/5S and in Gray, Red, Blue & Yellow for iPhone 5C.

Rapt – (MSRP $24.99) Highly durable polycarbonate and thermoplastic urethane protects your iPhone from scratches and drops. Its dual materials, glossy accents and a matte exterior, give it a sharp look. The Rapt really is as tough as it looks, and it’s available in black/grey, blue/blue and pink/fuchsia. Available for both iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5C.

Scene Plus – (MSRP $29.99) The Scene Plus combines hard polycarbonate and a tough rubber exterior providing your iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 5c with outstanding protection against shocks and jolts. The soft rubbery cover extends over the volume and lock buttons without blocking access to your controls. A translucent back lets your iPhone peek through the 3D design and looks great on any color iPhone. You will definitely want to be seen with this fall accessory — available in Black Prism, Pink Bubbles and Blurry Dots Blue for iPhone 5/5S; and Bubbles, Tribal HB, and Stripes for iPhone 5C.


Dash Icon – (MSRP $29.99) Our Dash Icon line of cases feature textured fabrics and vibrant colors. Subtle “puff prints” create a slightly raised surface and inject tactile interest. The hard polycarbonate inner shell is designed to give Dash Icon a precise fit for iPhone 5. With full back and side protection, your iPhone is well protected from scratches and impacts. Available in Tribal Red, Navy Dots, Stripes, and Modern Blue Plaid for iPhone 5/5S.

Scene – (MSRP $29.99) Scene brings together hard polycarbonate with a tough rubber outside to provide outstanding protection to the iPhone 5. A translucent back lets the iPhone’s own natural good looks peek through,while a comolded frame protects against shocks and jolts. Scene also protects the volume and lock buttons, extending a soft, rubbery cover that never blocks your control. Available in Tribal Red, Navy Dots, Stripes, and Modern Blue Plaid for iPhone 5/5S.

“Smartphone cases shouldn’t have to compromise style to offer great protection,” says Eddie Lee, Director of Industrial Design. “We combined durable materials with unique, eye-catching designs to bring you the best of both worlds.”

The X-Doria iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5C cases range from $19.99-$29.99 and are available now at



[spoiler title=”XtremeMac”]

XtremeMac™, a leading designer and manufacturer of audio solutions and accessories for Apple® products, today announced the launch of new cases created specifically for the recently released iPhone® 5c device. The new cases join the brand’s existing portfolio of innovations designed to protect, power and play Apple devices. In addition, XtremeMac’s existing lineup of iPhone® 5 cases will also work with the newly launched Apple iPhone® 5s smartphone.

“For more than a decade, XtremeMac has helped consumers keep their Apple products safe and secure,” said Toshi Hokari, executive director, product management and marketing, Imation. “The latest collection of XtremeMac cases were specially designed to fit the exact specifications of the latest Apple products and provides many options in designs and colors to meet our customers’ individual tastes.”

Highlights among the XtremeMac offerings for the new iPhone 5c device include:

The form-fitting and durable Tuffwrap™ case is made from a high-grade plastic that will not add bulk to the device it is protecting. The case’s exterior is a stylish textured, striped design that improves overall grip, making this case the ideal combination of fashion and function. U.S. MSRP: $19.99

The Microshield™ Style makes a bold fashion statement by encasing the new iPhone 5c in brushed aluminum. This newly designed and expertly-crafted case is available in either brushed gunmetal or silver. U.S. MSRP: $24.99

Also offered for the new iPhone 5c device is the XtremeMac Tuffshield™ screen protector in glossy or anti-glare matte finishes. With four durable layers of protection, the Tuffshield screen protector is the ultimate defense against scratches, dust and dirt. It includes three shields and one microfiber cleaning cloth. U.S. MSRP: $12.99

The Tuffwrap and Microshield Style cases and Tuffshield screen protector will be available in late September at For more information, please go to, or


[spoiler title=”Belkin“]

Belkin today announced the launch of its new Outrigger Case for the new iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5c. A stylish yet full protection case, the Outrigger features a specially engineered, shockproof inner frame for maximum impact resistance.

“With the new Outrigger Case, you no longer have to choose between a stylish case and one that provides full protection”

“With the new Outrigger Case, you no longer have to choose between a stylish case and one that provides full protection,” said Patrick Sullivan, director of Belkin’s personalization and protection division. “It’s the best of both worlds. The wave design of its interior frame not only provides increased shock absorption, but it looks so cool, we decided to show it off.”

The Outrigger Case for the new iPhone features a durable, semi-flexible body and fortified edges engineered to disperse the force of impact to keep your iPhone safe. Its shockproof polycarbonate-wrapped TPU construction makes it easy to grip and sturdy. The Outrigger Case also has edges that overlap the phone’s screen slightly to protect it from scratches when placed facedown or when dropped.

The Outrigger protects the buttons on the sides of your smartphone, while keeping the ports and speakers fully exposed for easy access.

Belkin Outrigger Case for iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5c – $29.99

F8W416 – iPhone 5/5S

F8W420 – iPhone 5c

Reinforced, shock-absorbing inner frame

Flexible, easy-to-grip TPU body

Slim, form-fitting design

Full button protection

Wraparound frame protects screen from scratches

Allows full access to all controls and ports

Camera lens cutout

Outrigger case for iPhone 5 and iPhone5S available in six colors: Slate/Slate, Gravel/Gold, Paparazzi Pink/Citrus, Pale Blue/Lavender, Topaz/Limelight and Lavender/Topaz

Outrigger case for iPhone 5c available in two colors: Lavender/Topaz and Slate/Slate


The Belkin Outrigger Case will be available at and select retailers starting in October.

To learn more about Belkin International, Inc., visit



[spoiler title=”Belkin“]


Belkin today unveiled its line of accessories and cases designed for the colorful new iPhone 5c. Belkin’s new case collection provides enhanced protection with slim, sleek designs in today’s hottest colors.

“Our new accessories amp up the style factor for iPhone 5c offerings,” said Patrick Sullivan, director of product management at Belkin. “With a variety beyond the typical black case, Belkin’s new collection of cases, armbands and MIXIT! accessories offers a variety of fun colors and solutions to complement the color of your new iPhone 5c. Each is designed to fit individual tastes and enhance the variety of ways that we use our phones in our daily lives.”

Each of the new iPhone 5c cases is designed to protect against scratches, drops and everyday wear and tear, and to provide full access to the phone’s buttons, ports and camera. Specialized offerings like the Wallet Folio provide a place to hold credit or business cards, while cases like the best-selling Grip Candy appeal to the minimalist who wants to protect his or her phone while keeping an ultra-slim profile.

For sports enthusiasts and activity buffs, Belkin’s latest line of sport armbands, including the Grip-Fit, Sport-Fit, Sport-Fit Plus, Slim-Fit and Slim-Fit Plus, will fit the new iPhone 5c. Created from high performance neoprene, the low-profile armbands secure the phone and comfortably stay out of the way while exercising.

Also available for the iPhone 5c, Belkin’s playful MIXIT! accessories, like the auxiliary cables, wall chargers and car chargers, bring a little bit of fun to tasks like charging and syncing the new iPhone. Available in six colors, the MIXIT! line enables you to mix and match your favorite colors for a unique and personalized experience.

Belkin’s full line of cases for the iPhone 5c:

Grip Candy Case for iPhone 5c (F8W371) – $29.99

  • Two-tone palette
  • Tinted, soft-touch finish
  • Flexible, easy-to-grip material
  • Wraparound frame protects screen from scratches
  • Available in three colors: Clear/Black, Clear/Topaz and Clear/Purple

View Case for iPhone 5c (F8W372) – $24.99

  • Clear polycarbonate back
  • Flexible, easy-to-grip frame
  • Wraparound frame protects screen from scratches
  • Available in three colors: Blacktop, Topaz and Purple

Grip Sheer Matte Case for iPhone 5c (F8W373) – $24.99

  • Tinted, soft-touch finish
  • Flexible, easy-to-grip material
  • Wraparound frame protects screen from scratches
  • Available in two colors: Clear and Stone

Shield Sheer Matte Case for iPhone 5c (F8W375) – $24.99

  • Tinted, soft-touch finish
  • Hard polycarbonate material
  • Available in three colors: Stone, Clear and Topaz

Wallet Folio with Stand Case for iPhone 5c (F8W378) – $39.99

  • Natural-grain leather
  • Cover converts into a stand
  • Secure snap closure
  • Inner pockets
  • Soft microfiber inner lining
  • Available in two colors: Blacktop and Rose

Micra Folio Case for iPhone 5c (F8W379) – $39.99

  • Ultra-thin, form-fitting design
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Secure snap closure
  • Inner pockets
  • Soft microfiber inner lining
  • Available in Blacktop

Micra Shield Matte Case for iPhone 5c (F8W395) – $29.99

  • Multidimensional, metallic finish
  • Hard polycarbonate material
  • Ultra-slim, form-fitting design
  • Available in three colors: Stone, Topaz and Clear

Grip-Fit (F8W369) – $34.99

  • Versatile design meant to be held or strapped to either hand
  • Lightweight, breathable, hand-washable Neoprene
  • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust strap
  • Clear screen protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c
  • Available in three colors: Blacktop/Overcast, Gravel/Citrus and Blacktop/Fuchsia

Slim-Fit (F8W362) – $29.99

  • Lightweight, breathable, hand-washable Neoprene material
  • Slimmer, adjustable strap with integrated cord storage
  • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust loop design
  • Clear screen protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c
  • Available in Fuchsia

Slim-Fit Plus Armband (F8W299) – $34.99

  • Lightweight, breathable, hand-washable, perforated Neoprene material
  • Slimmer, adjustable strap
  • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust loop design
  • Reflective accents for nighttime visibility
  • Clear screen protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c
  • Available in two colors: Blacktop/Gravel and Sorbet/Grapefruit

Sport-Fit Armband (F8W367) – $24.99

  • Lightweight, breathable, hand-washable Neoprene material
  • Adjustable strap
  • Clear screen protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c
  • Available in three colors: Blacktop/Overcast, Gravel/Citrus, and Blacktop/Fuchsia

Sport-Fit Plus Armband (F8W368) – $29.99

  • Lightweight, breathable, hand-washable Neoprene material
  • Slimmer, adjustable strap
  • Comfortable, easy-to-adjust loop design
  • Reflective accents for nighttime visibility
  • Clear screen protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c
  • Available in three colors: Blacktop/Overcast, Gravel/Citrus and Blacktop/Fuchsia


MIXIT! accessories are available now at and select retailers nationwide. Select cases and armbands are available now, while others will roll out beginning in late September through the fall at and retailers nationwide.

Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


[spoiler title=”Speck“]


Speck, leading designer of award-winning, slim-fitting protective cases for smartphones, tablets and laptops, announced today that its bestselling CandyShell, CandyShell Grip, CandyShell Card, CandyShell Flip and GemShell cases all fit the exciting new iPhone 5s.

Speck also announced that three designs from its CandyShell family, and the crystal-clear GemShell case, are being built for the iPhone 5c. The CandyShell, CandyShell Grip, CandyShell Card cases will be available in a new palette of colors that highlight the colorful personality of Speck and complement the cool new colors of the iPhone 5c. All Speck cases are lab-tested for proven protection against both environmental factors and everyday bumps, drops and spills.

Select Speck cases for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available at AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Target, Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax and Nordstrom. All of the following cases will also be available at

CandyShell for iPhone 5s/5c/5 – The top-selling CandyShell is a sleek-dual layer case that provides patented, multi-impact protection. It has a hard outer shell to guard against impact and a glossy finish for a sleek, stylish look. The exterior is complemented by a soft, rubbery interior that absorbs shock from occasional bumps and drops. CandyShell also features a raised edge to protect the screen and rubberized covers to shield the buttons. New colors for iPhone 5c include: Cadet Blue/Caribbean Blue, Nickel Grey/Caution Yellow, Mykonos Blue/Cadet Blue, Caribbean Blue/Bubblegum Pink and White/Mykonos Blue. The CandyShell sells for $34.95.

CandyShell Grip for iPhone 5s/5c/5 – The ideal case for texters and gamers, the CandyShell Grip adds rubber ridges to the dual-layer protection of CandyShell. The stylish and functional strategically placed ridges keep thumbs aligned with touchscreen buttons providing a non-slip grip that frequent texters will love. CandyShell Grip also features a raised edge to protect the screen and rubberized covers to shield the buttons. New colors for iPhone 5c include: Cadet Blue/Goldfinch Yellow, BerryBlack Purple/Bubblegum Pink, Cupcake Pink/Cobalt Blue and White/Gravel Grey. The CandyShell Grip sells for $34.95.

CandyShell Card for iPhone 5s/5c/5 – A popular Speck favorite, CandyShell Card combines the dual-layer impact protection of CandyShell with the convenience of holding up to three cards in a side-loading slot and a snappy thumb release for easy access. It also features a protective layer that keeps cards separate from your iPhone to prevent scrapes and scratches, a raised edge to protect the screen and rubberized covers to shield the buttons. New colors for iPhone 5c include: Black/Slate Grey and White/Caribbean Blue. The CandyShell Card sells for $34.95.

CandyShell Flip for iPhone 5s/5 – The CandyShell Flip is built for quick docking. Its flip-up panel lets you easily plug-in oversized connectors, as well as for use with docking accessories. It has the same slim-fitting, multi-impact protection as the classic CandyShell. CandyShell Flip also features a raised edge to protect the screen and rubberized covers to shield the buttons. The CandyShell Card sells for $34.95.

GemShell for iPhone 5s/5c/5 – Gemshell is the crystal-clear solution for showing off the sophisticated design of your new iPhone 5s and the bright new colors of the iPhone 5c. For unassuming security, this sleek hard-shell cover features flexible, durable materials in a one-piece shell with a raised edge to protect the screen. Available for iPhone 5s/5 and iPhone 5c, GemShell offers lab-tested proven protection with minimal bulk. The GemShell sells for $34.95.

Stay tuned to for more details on Speck’s brand new products for the iPhone 5s/5 and iPhone 5c devices. Whether the priority is secure protection without additional bulk, enhanced function, a unique sense of style or all of the above, Speck has all iPhone owners covered.


[spoiler title=”OtterBox”]


For the first time ever, Apple® has unveiled two new, industry-altering smartphones. OtterBox®, the No. 1-selling case for smartphones in North America, announces immediate availability of Defender Series®, Commuter Series®, Reflex Series®and Prefix Series® cases and Clearly Protected™ device guards for iPhone 5s.*

Boasting features such as Touch ID, coprocessor and speedy A7 chip, the iPhone 5s demands out-of-the-box protection; and users of the new iPhone 5c will want to keep its seamless, glossy plastic shell free from scuffs and scratches. Additional OtterBox protective options will be available soon, including Defender Series and Commuter Series for iPhone 5c. Apple owners will also be able to customize their protection with more than 215 “Build Your Own” Defender Series and Commuter Series case color combinations.

“Every Apple launch means new technologies that enhance the iPhone user experience, while at the same time create challenges for our products to evolve,” said OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas. “We have very talented design and engineering teams working hard to anticipate new technologies and determine the most elegant solutions for our cases which complement the user experience. As always, the OtterBox team will lead with innovations in premium protective solutions for these new devices and welcome the challenges that each new product launch generates.”

The Defender Series combines a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing synthetic rubber to provide industry-leading protection from scratches, dust and drops. The new styling of the Defender Series was designed specifically to accommodate the new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor technology, and all device functionality remains uninhibited by the case. A holster-style swivel belt clip is included for hands-free carrying.**

Commuter Series cases provide stylish security in the form of a self-adhering screen protector, robust synthetic rubber mid-layer and sturdy polycarbonate shell. The pocket-friendly design comes in a variety of new colors.***

Sleek, versatile design meets advanced smartphone safety in the Reflex Series. A two-piece, sliding design favors quick assembly and easy removal for docking with third-party accessories. Reflex Zones in the case corners absorb shock and dissipate it away from the device. A self-adhering screen protector guards the glass from scratches and dirt.***

The Prefix Series consists of a dual-density, unibody exterior to maximize shock absorption and provide effortless protection. Synthetic rubber pads cushion the device and a self-adhering screen protector guards against scratches to the display.***

Clearly Protected device guards available now for the iPhone 5s offer a complete line-up of screen protection.

Vibrant – Glossy, high-strength, self-healing polyurethane material that preserves display vibrancy and sharpness

Clean – Matte, high-strength, self-healing polyurethane material that will reduce glare, fingerprints and smudges

Privacy – Matte, premium quadlaminar polyester that conceals text and images from all four side views

More information on the full OtterBox case lineup for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini, is available at All OtterBox cases for iPhone 5S are also compatible with iPhone 5.