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New Krypton Protection For iPhone and iPad

Krypton Products LLC understands the pain of everyone who has had to endure the shame and frustration of a well (or rather not so well) placed scratch on the beautiful smooth surface of their Apple device. Krypton knows how quickly hundreds of dollars can be lost due to a drop of only a few feet to a hard surface. They understand it so well in fact, they have vowed to kill an entire industry off with the introduction of their new protection product line aimed at both the iPhone and iPad. If Krypton succeeds, the jobs of hundreds of people who work in the iPhone scratch repair field will all be lost for the sake of your shiny precious iPhone or iPad. If your ok with that, then you might want to check out what Krypton has to offer.

“Made with three layers of tough scratch resistance, Krypton’s screen Armor line will not only provide users with added iPhone (& iPad) screen protection, but will also allow for greater touch navigation to help users glide even more effortlessly from menu to menu”.  If all of you Apple device owners can forgive the insinuation that Apple touch screens could be any more effortless than they already are, you might want to also check out Krypton’s cases for both said devices. The iPhone Screen Armor can be had for $12.99 (Ultra-Clear) or $14.99 (Anti-Glare) while the iPad Screen Armor is listed at 19.99 and 24.99 respectively.

The Dreamcoat cases are sold in a variety of colors and “provide industrial design that allows the iPad (& iPhone) to rest firmly on flat surfaces”. Once again I’m sure they meant no disrespect and meant to say unusually slippery surfaces, as we all know Apple devices rest just fine on any surface. The Dreamcoat cases are said to be “The Kind of Case your IPad Dreams about”, and provide customers with four simple minimalist designs to choose from. Each case is sold for $29.99, has small feet on the back and can be had in black, white, clear or cranberry. 

Never heard of Krypton? That’s probably because it’s a small company based in California who just recently entered the device protection scene. Krypton describes itself as “a dynamic, modern, carbon-free, and totally amazing company”. They admit they are the “new kid on the block” but promise to soon be a industry powerhouse.  Check them out at http:/