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iOS 6.1 is Released From Apple, Jailbreak to Follow.

The wait is finally over folks! Apple has begun rolling out OS update 6.1 that is available now over the air by going through your settings of your device. Of course plugging in to iTunes would work too. But what is really cool about this Ho Hum release from Apple is not what the update contains, it is really about the Jailbreaking community finally getting an untethered Jailbreak for the new iPhone 5 running iOS 6.x. As a matter of fact, there are 22 devices that will be covered with this new Jailbreak exploit and possibly Apple TV latter on down the line.

The new iOS 6.1 update offers more carriers LTE support, order movie tickets through Fandango using Siri in the USA only, iTunes match customers can finally download a single song from iCloud, and there is a new button to reset the advertising identifier.

We’ll keep you posted on more about this update from Apple and the release of the untethered jailbreak.

Stay tuned folks!