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New Slide2Answer App From Leaked ROM

I’m sure a lot of you remember (and use) Slide2Answer that was ported from the Touch HD. Well, thanks to You Know Who we have a new version and this one isn’t ported from another device. It’s actually extracted from the leaked AT&T Fuze ROM. Don’t think that was an easy task as there are over 390 registry values that needed to be written.

So if you already have Slide2Answer should you install this new version? In the time I’ve been using it (today:)) I’ve noticed that the amount of time it takes the phone to wake up on an incoming call has been reduced significantly. In the past the caller would hear almost two full rings before my Fuze would ring. And of course, if you don’t have any version of Slide2Answer you should use this one since this really reduces the number of phone calls you accidentally take in your pocket.

The application can be downloaded from here BUT when you install it you must turn your phone to airplane mode (Settings Tab in TF3D – Communications) and then you must turn off cprog.exe (you can use an app like Memmaid or the freeware CleanRAM – it’s ‘custom’ level and just add cprog.exe manually then run the app).  After the application installs your phone will soft reset and you’re good to go.

This release has the ‘curtain’ enabled meaning when you take a call there’s a gray transparent cover that prevents you from hitting the onscreen keys unless you swipe it down. If you want to disable the curtain either wait a few hours (a new version will be provided and I’ll update this post) or change this registry value: HKLMSoftwarehtcphonephonelockenable = 0 (it was set to 1). Also, if you do not have a Fuze you should wait this one out and continue to use the other ported version.

Thanks again to you know who – I’m a big fan and my hands are killing me from applauding you so often:) Feel free to join us here in our forums where this was initially released if you have any questions, need help or just want to show some love.

UPDATE: HE has provided us with a new version of S2A that has the curtains disabled by default and can be downloaded from here. Thanks again. Also, this is working on stock ROMs but non-stock appear to have problems so share any results.