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G-Form iPhone Case Survives NHL Slap Shot Shootout

Well I think it’s safe to say that the G-Form case for the iPhone is pretty tough. They recently had a slap shot soot out with NHL goalie Tim Thomas where the iPhone was used as a hockey puck and it turned out to be no worse for wear. There’s a link to the video included and if you want one of these tough cases they’ll only set you back about $40, but your phone will be protected that’s for sure.




G-Form, a company globally recognized for its extreme videos such as dropping an iPad unharmed from space, and protecting some of the world’s greatest athletes, launches a new array of colorful, stylish, and extremely protective iPhone cases with another compelling and unique video.

In its latest Video, G-Form introduces its new array of colorful iPhone cases in a rapid-fire shootout against legendary NHL goalie Tim Thomas. To check it out, click HERE.

Unlike other smart phone cases that rely on bulk or thickness to protect against impact, G-Form cases use its revolutionary RPT material which is able to absorb over 90% of an impact in a molecular reaction.  The RPT momentarily stiffens while absorbing the impact and then returns to its natural soft state.  The result is a soft flexible stylish case that fits easily in your pocket and yet protects like a case many times its size.

“Until now our revolutionary impact technology for both sports and electronics has only been available in black and yellow”, said Thom Cafaro VP of innovations, “The launch of our colored iPhones means that a customer can now combine the extreme impact protection we are famous for with their own colorful style in the best of both worlds.  Our unique RPT technology is also designed, molded and assembled in the U.S.A.”

The G-Form iPhone Cases are available in green, protective pink, purple, blue, orange, white and ice for $39.99 at and at a rapidly growing set of retailers around the globe. iPhone cases are also available in the company’s traditional bold black and yellow color variations.