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New Smackdown: Motorola DROID vs. HD2 – T-Mobile HTC HD2

Wirefly is at it again and brings us another Smackdown, SCHMACKDOWN! This time it is the Motorola DROID vs. HD2 – T-Mobile HTC HD2. Besides the obvious that the HD2 is running WinMo 6.5 with HTC Sense and the Droid running the Standard Android UI, there are some other very dramatic differences. Screen size is everything for a lot of you out there and the HD2 sports the 4.3 WVGA screen compared to the Droid 3.7 WVGA. The Droid also has a physical slide out keyboard where the HD2 uses a SIP on screen keyboard. Another key comparison is the processor. HD2 = Snapdragon. Droid = 550mHz (Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 550 mHz) nuff said? I have been using the T-Mob HD2 for a few days now and I am 100% sold on the screen. Even looking at my TP2 is painfull, and my Fuze is out of the question. Check Wirefly’s Schmackdown and see for yourself what the differences is and head on over to their website for more specs on both.