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New York Times experimental HMTL5 app for iPad

New York Times experimental HMTL5 app for iPad

They can call it what ever they’d like, but the real name of this project is “apple, we ain’t paying you a damn thing!” Apple changed the way subscriptions and in app payments were handled some time ago, in attempt to get a slice of the pie of course. Publishers and app owners alike did not like this one bit, their new salvation has been HTML 5. New York Times is just as every bit as functional as you would hope, check out the list of features below:

1. Trending: The Trending section lists the top 25 trending Times articles on Twitter from the past hour. This section functions in conjunction with Cascade, a proprietary data visualization tool developed by The Times Company’s Research & Development group, which monitors the sharing of content on Twitter.

2. Times Wire: A continuous, reverse chronological feed of the latest articles, videos and slide shows published on

3. Today’s Paper: In this reading format, users can browse the app like they would the newspaper, with sections organized under print topic headings.

4. All Sections: The full breadth of Times coverage, from breaking news, to video and photography.


source 9to5mac