It has come to my attention that Motorola (Google Owned Company) is using poor security practices.

Located at this link Motorola Caught Slipping a user has found out that his Motorola Droid X2 is transmitting info to Motorola’s Blur Servers.

Now if that is not alarming that Motorola is collecting your info when you login to sites then the next part will.  In a lot of cases the info is transmitted in clear text or not encrypted.  What does this mean to the user?  Simple, an attacker with that knowledge can take over any of your accounts, or if the attacker is good can gain access to Motorola’s Servers to collect any data on millions of users.  Another examples is a angry Motorola Employee can abuse their privileges for their own gain.

I will admit I am a Windows Phone Fan but this leaves me with a burning question……

If Motorola is doing this, what about other manufacturers?  Are the other Manufacturers do this as well?

If they are then this is a wake up call cause if the users of these devices find out then that Manufacturer can not be trusted any more. Meaning their sales will vanish fast.


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I have been a Windows Rom Developer (ROMs made include Special K and Doug E Fresh Rom). I have port apps for Windows Phone like Opera Mobile, and HTC Sense for Windows Phone. I no longer do that stuff. I now focus on analyzing malware and I own my own business fixing computers as well as installing secured networks. In my spare time I have my own mini network at my house to see the impact as well as analyzing the damaging power the malware causes by using malware samples given to me. Thanks to, I have been given a great pleasure to write about malware and the impact on mobile devices.


  1. Maybe naive…But I always wondered if our devices (All types) sent information home (or somewhere else) And what kinds of information?
    An explicit list of my browser history? Is my name attached to that info?
    How embarrassing on a porn night!
    Red Face

  2. What makes it worse is Motorola is about to release new Droid Phones soon. Do these new devices have the same issue or did it get fixed?

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